2018 Still life

I have a very large collection of vintage fabric that I’ve been collecting for over 20 years. I cannot sew for toffee and wasn’t really sure what I intended to do with it all until I started painting full time 5 years ago. Now it’s purpose is to star in my still life set ups along with the other objects that I fancy. In 2018 I attended Classical Oil painting classes under the tutorship of Matilda Michell: these are a few works from that year.

Still life with camellia and mandarin 2018 oil on timber, 28cm x 38cm

Still life study with camellia and chintz 2018 gouache on cotton paper, 56cm x 76cm

Still life study with pink peppercorn 2018 oil on timber, 50cm x 70cm

Still life study with stenocarpus and pink striped cloth 2018, oil on timber, 50cm x 70cm

Still life with scissors and lemon 2018 oil on timber, 50cm x 70cm