2022 Paintings

I am interested in painting nature morte that are full of life and raw energy. My intention is to create ‘drawings in paint’, keeping them more in the spirit of a sketch.

The sun - when I work outdoors in my courtyard - is a tripod light. I pass things into and out of it - wait for it to throw the right shadows and play with its shining onto porcelain or glass. It is, in effect, my great collaborator, and having grown up in the UK - I’m still awed by its intensity.

Cymbidiums and hikari masada bear, oil on canvas, 95cm x 64cm

Nasturtiums in a jar, oil on board, 32cm x 30cm

Enter the dragonfruit, oil on timber, 40cm x 40cm

Birthday flowers, oil on board, 38cm x 30cm

Lillypilly & banksia, oil on linen, 43cm x 32cm

Silver linings, oil on board, 62cm x 52cm

Citron et soleil, oil on linen, 43cm x 32cm

Poppies in a jar, oil on timber, 38cm x 30cm