2023 Paintings

This year has been an exciting, transitional period for my art making with lots of new growth and exploration. I have spent most of this year in full experimentation mode which means I have lots of unseen abstract works that are hiding in my cupboard! The works featured here fall into the category of loose representation - towards abstraction. I am still painting 'things' – landscapes or still life set ups, but there is a new energy that has come about from all the 'secret' abstract painting that's been happening in the background.

Pink geranium, oil on board,
40cm x 51cm

Nasturtiums & striped cushion, oil on linen, 
30cm x 40cm

Golden Gully, Watercolour 29cm x 42cm

Biophilia, Acrylic on Canvas, 79cm x 95cm

Felix the Houseplant, oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm

Hill End in Feb, oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm

Deconstructed Still Life no.2, acrylic on canvas, 177cm x 122cm