Rock Pool #1 Light, Original Acrylic painting on paper, Framed.


This expressive, semi abstract painting in a variety of pale blue hues on a pale neutral ground is from my ‘Rock Pool’ series. The series is inspired by time spent in Sydney’s Chinese Gardens and Bada Shanren’s ‘Fish and Rocks’ ink scroll painting from 1699.

My own light hearted interpretation of ‘Fish and Rocks’ uses intuitive mark making and expressive line drawn from my imagination. I love working this way because I am able to let my mind wander and achieve creative flow.


Acrylic on paper, 57cm x 44cm x 2cm. Framed behind glass with matting in a crisp white simple frame, ready to hang and enjoy.

!!! Apologies, this painting can only be shipped within Australia, No Overseas shipping available due to the risk of the glass breaking long haul. 

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